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Cyclic Corrosion Testing chamber ETSP- CCT series

Product Intro

Cyclic Corrosion testing chambers ETSP-CCT series provide possible laboratory simulation of natural corrosion, it is possible to cycle through all of the most significant corrosion environments. Even the most complex test cycles can easily be programmed with the touch screen LCD controller.

General Features
  • Test space and outer housing are made of non-corrosive material (Internal material: Titanium, External material: Stainless steel 316)
  • All piping for air/liquid are made of nylon or polyurethane material
  • Unique salt spray atomizer to guarantee uniform salt spray distribution
  • Friendly, flexible, up-to date control and management systems
  • Allows easy servicing and upgrades
  • Oven networking connecting system (RS232/485)
Technical Features
Temperature range RT ~80 ℃
Humidity range 20 ~ 98% RH
Spray volume 1.5 ± 0.5mℓ/80㎠/h
Atomizer Fine fog of 5~20 micron droplet size
Filter/regulator a filter cum air regulator, with pressure from 0~30 PSI
Saturator Non-corrosive, temperature controlled saturator, Automatic water level controller, Immersion heater
Microprocessor controller including self-diagnostics, warning message function
Input power requirements 230V ±10%, 380V ±10%, 50Hz/60Hz, 1Ph/3Ph (Changeable according to customer specification)
Technical Specifications
Model Internal dimensions External dimensions Useful capacity
ETSP-CCT 200 800x500x500 (WxDxH) mm 1400x1000x1500 (WxDxH) mm 200 liters
ETSP-CCT 480 1000x800x600 (WxDxH) mm 1600x1300x1600 (WxDxH) mm 480 liters
ETSP-CCT 600 1500x800x500 (WxDxH) mm 2100x1000x1500 (WxDxH) mm 600 liters
ETSP-CCT 1000 2600x1500x1500 (WxDxH) mm 2600x1500x1500 (WxDxH) mm 1000 liters
Note Different size of chambers are available on user's demand
  • Chart recorder
  • PH meter set kit
  • Additional nozzle
  • Distilled water generator and pump
  • Customization available