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  • Damper type 3 zone Thermal shock chamber ETSP- TSD series

Damper type 3 zone Thermal shock chamber ETSP- TSD series

Product Intro

ETSP-TSD series are damper type 3 zone thermal shock test chambers, designed for thermal shock test of components or equipment, submitting them to rapid temperature changes.

Therefore they are suitable for quality control laboratories or in production plants for screening of components or equipments.

ETSP-TSD series allows users to carry out a wide range of tests necessary to determine thermal characteristics. It is possible to offer standard or customer-designed models.

General Features
  • Rapid cooling with low noise level
  • Low level of vibration
  • Faster temperature recovery time
  • Fast thermal response with continuous and linear control over the whole range
  • Friendly, flexible, up-to date control and management systems
  • Allows easy servicing and upgrades
Technical Features
Temperature range Hot zone Ambient ~ 200 ℃ Cold zone -75 ~ 10 ℃
Temperature accuracy Less than ± 0.3 ℃
Temperature heat up rate Ambient to 200 ℃ within 45 minutes
Temperature pull down rate Ambient to -70 ℃ within 45 minutes
Temperature recovery time 5 ~ 15 minutes
Microprocessor controller including self-diagnostics warning message function
Technical Specifications
Model Internal dimensions External dimensions Useful capatity
ETSP-TSD 50 300x300x300 (WxDxH) mm 1370x1440x1955 (WxDxH) mm 27 liters
ETSP-TSD 100 400x400x400 (WxDxH) mm 1470x1540x2055 (WxDxH) mm 64 liters
ETSP-TSD 150 500x500x500 (WxDxH) mm 1570x1640x2155 (WxDxH) mm 125 liters
Note Different size of chambers are available on user's demand. Chamber dimensions are subject to change due to final design and specification
  • Controller : Programmable type TFT color LCD 5.7 controller (Max. 120 patterns, Max. 1,200 profile)
  • Refrigerant : R404A, R23 (CFC free)
  • Safety devices : Leakage breaker, circuit breaker, over heat protector, refrigerator high and low pressure switch, compressor built-in protector, pressure , Included accessories Electrical over current relay
Included accessories
  • Viewing window (heater wire including, reinforced window) and interior light
  • RS232/485 oven networking With control software
  • Spare parts kit
  • Chart recorder
  • Door lock system
  • Port hole and rubber plug
  • Customization available