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  • PV module testing Walk in temperature & Humidity chamber ETSP- PWTH series

PV module testing Walk in temperature & Humidity chamber ETSP- PWTH series

Product Intro

ETSP-PWTH series are climatic version PV module testing walk in  walk in temperature and humidity chambers, provide multiple capabilities create repeatable environmental conditions for durability or operating status of products in extreme conditions.

General Features
  • Temperature shock cycling testing, humidity freeze testing, Damp heat testing, temperature testing, temperature and humidity cyclic testing
  • Effects of extreme ambient temperature and humidity conditions ETSP-WTH series conditions.
  • All types of PV modules testing is possible.
  • Optional UV lamps or solar lamps inside chamber.
  • Friendly, flexible, up-to date control and management systems.
  • Allows easy servicing and upgrades.
Technical Features
Temperature range -50 ~ 120 ℃ (Changeable according to user’s demand.)
Temperature accuracy Less than ± 0.3 ℃
Temperature heat up rate More than 3.0 ℃/min
Temperature pull down rate More than 2.0 ℃/min
Humidity range 20 ~ 98% RH
Humidity accuracy Less than ± 1.5% RH
Microprocessor controller including self-diagnostics warning message function
Technical Specifications
Model Internal dimensions Eternational dimensions Useful capatity
ETSP-WTH 1625C 1300x1200x1000 (WxDxH) mm 1800x2200x1550 (WxDxH) mm 1625 liters
ETSP-WTH 3143C 1300x1300x2500 (WxDxH) mm 1600x2400x2965 (WxDxH) mm 3143 liters
ETSP-WTH 4163C 1300x2040x1570 (WxDxH) mm 1600x3390x1955 (WxDxH) mm 4163 liters
ETSP-WTH 12500C 2500x2500x2000 (WxDxH) mm 2800x3500x2500 (WxDxH) mm 12500 liters
Note Different size of chambers are available on user’s demand. Chamber dimensions are subject to change due to final design and specification