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Cutting edge technology for Environmental test chambers

ETSP Co., Ltd. designs, manufactures and exporting to world wide a full range of environmental test chambers for product test and evaluation in semiconductor, automobile, electronics, chemicals, plastics...

To satisfy customer testing requirements, we are providing high quality, innovative, cost-effective products and services.



Wide products range
We provide wide range of environmental test chambers. For environmental testing simulation or production in semiconductors manufacturing companies, automobile manufacturing companies, electrical parts manufacturing companies etc……

Custom design chambers with fast delivery
Our design and engineering team offer the most suitable chambers on customers highly specialized requirement.

Technical experience and know how.
Wide experienced designing and engineering team offer cutting edge technology and the best solution in environmental testing chambers field.

Reliable in the quality
Qualified chambers in the performance from global well know companies in many countries.

Global sales and service network
Globally sales, technical support, maintenance and system upgrades with local representatives in many countries.